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Surprisingly funny

Im kinda hoping this doesn't get blammed. It was quite amusing even though kinda graphicly gross :P. Good job.

Not that funny

It just wasnt funny. Your depiction of heaven is unrealistic and sickening. Not a bunch of clouds with angels all over the place. It would be an entirely different dimention if it existed because if it was within the plane of existance, we'd be able to reach it without getting ourselves killed in the process. I love how many people also think that humans are the only ones in the universe with inteligence. I choose to live with free will and not be bothered enslaving myself to a religion.

Godlimations responds:

Seriously, the statements you've made are way religious/legalistic. This is exactly what I mean when acting out of legalism, the thing is we've missed the entire concept by far. Have you considered the message? The word of God?

Thanks for your point raised anyway,
Our spirit leaves our flesh, hence it is not in the plain of our existence. That explains why we cannot reach it physically. The cartoon itself had a typical portrayal of heaven according to the Bible(Job 35:5,Job 20:6)

It's better to think your intelligent than stoopid regardless if there is anything else in the universe. Why? It's looking at the glass half full than half empty.

You're right that people enslave themself to a religion, I wouldn't be surprised. Thanks for not mentioning Christianity as a religion either :)

To live free? You'll need to explain that a bit more as I myself believe I am free of sin. So if you disagree, I'd like your p.o.v on what it truly means to be "free".

God bless!
Patrick :)

Great claymation

You pretty much owned knox for claymation quallity. As for humor is was funny and I liked the originality of this in a claymation. Im not much for words but great job.

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Nice Dr.Who referance

Good game with some fun little things for Dr.Who fans. Mini game were fun too.

Great game man

Beat it first try and loved it. Cant wait to play the first one and your third one when it comes out. Im pretty sure I heard some Zerg sounds from Starcraft and I know I heard Break Some Off by KoRn but it wasn't even in the credits. Come on man. Give credit :(.


I was the second one ever to beat this. Right on :D. Make more! You're goin on the front page soon.

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Reminded my a lot of Manson

As I said up there. Reminds me a lot of Manson. I was tempted to write lyrics and record them but then it ended. If you could maybe make a longer version then I certainly would try. Newgrounds needs personal messaging.

Kick Ass

If you can't get a complete song out of any of your clips then the least i can do it tyr to help out with lyrics and shit. Keep up the good work.

P.S. Your score is now up to 4.00

jarrydn responds:

Hrmmm...it would be nice if you could help me out with lyrics...im so shit at writing them \m/.



I just upped your score from 4.00 to 4.17. Nice work. More heavy please :D

I play guitar and drums and I do vocals. If anyone needs some vocals added then I'll be happy to do em. I love Laura Fortune! BLAM!!! Your vote caused that game to go below the Portal's "quality threshold", and it has been deleted as a result.

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